Audioconferences allow users in multiple locations to interact via phone with these options:

Local Number Conference – Up to 24 Participants

* Service discontinued FY18. Please see other options on this page.

An office phone is not needed to originate the conference. It requires prearrangement via email (no work order is required). Participants within the local area code can use this service without extra charges. Participants from outside the local area code can join the conference, but will need to pay standard long distance rates.

800 Number for One-Time Use

If some participants are outside of the local area code, this audioconference option allows conferees to call an 800 number at a prearranged date and time without incurring long-distance charges.

800 Number for Permanent Use

If the 800 number conference is used regularly by a department or office, a permanent 800 conference line can be established. The department will not need to arrange a conference each time.

Help and Support

To learn more about 800 Number for Permanent Use, visit the Moderator and Mobile Guides in the Knowledge Base.

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