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For assistance with IT questions, contact Help Desk Central, any time day or night:

  • By phone: 979.845.8300
  • By email: helpdesk@tamu.edu
  • In person: 8 a.m. to midnight at the Computing Services Center/ (CSC)Teague Building Room 1112 (building map

Office of the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Website: vpapit.tamu.edu
Email: tamu-it@tamu.edu
Mailstop: 1365

Computing & Information Services
Website: cis.tamu.edu
Email: helpdesk@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.8300
Fax: 979.862.3971 for General Services Complex (GSC); 979.845.2071 for CSC/Teague
Mailstop: 3142 for GSC; 3363 for CSC/Teague

Account Billing
Website: Billing page
Email: cisbilling@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.862.1797
Fax: 979.862.3971
Mailstop: 3142

Help Desk Central
Website: hdc.tamu.edu
Email: helpdesk@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.8300
Fax: 979.845.2071
Mailstop: 3363

Identity Management Office
Website: identity.tamu.edu
Email: identity@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.862.4300
Fax: 979.845.6090
Mailstop: 3374

IT Infrastructure & Operations
Website: infrastructure.tamu.edu
Email: helpdesk@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.8300
Fax: 979.845.2071
Mailstop: 3363

IT Solutions & Support
Website: itss.tamu.edu
Email: itss@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.847.4877
Fax: 979.862.3971
Mailstop: 3142

Microcomputer Repair
Website: Microcomputer Repair page
Email: pcrepair@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.8591
Fax: 979.862.3971
Mailstop: 3142

Office Computing Support Services
Website: itss.tamu.edu
Email: ocss@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.9999
Fax: 979.862.3971
Mailstop: 3142

Open Access Labs
Website: oal.tamu.edu
Email: Lab information
Fax: 979.845.2071
Mailstop: 3363

Print Center
Website: Print Center page
Email: productioncontrol@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.2234
Fax: 979.845.2071
Mailstop: 3363

Supercomputing Facility
Website: sc.tamu.edu
Email: Supercomputing email addresses
Phone: 979.845.4139
Fax: 979.845.2071
Mailstop: 3363

Texas A&M Software Center
Website: sell.tamu.edu and software.tamu.edu
Email: sell@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.862.4104
Fax: 979.845.2074
Mailstop: 3363

Educational Broadcast Services
Website: ebs.tamu.edu

Website: kamu.tamu.edu
Email: KAMU email directory
Phone: 979.845.5611
Fax: 979.845.1643
Mailstop: 4244

Website: ttvn.tamu.edu
Email: TTVN directory
Phone: TTVN directory
Mailstop: 4244

Enterprise Information Systems
Website: eis.tamu.edu and howdy.tamu.edu
Email: eis-security@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.5829
Fax: 979.862.7467
Mailstop: 1119

Instructional Media Services
Website: ims.tamu.edu
Email: IMS directory
Mailstop: 3001

Blocker Media Center
Email: blmc@exchange.tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.0807
Fax: 979.862.7046
Mailstop: 3001

Harrington Media Center
Email: hmc@exchange.tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.7720
Mailstop: 3001

West Campus Media Center
Email: wmc@exchange.tamu.edu
Phone: 979.862.8957
Fax: 979.862.8959
Mailstop: 3001

Instructional Technology Services
Website: its.tamu.edu and ecampus.tamu.edu
Email: its@tamu.edu and ITS email directory
Phone: 979.862.3977
Mailstop: 3002

Networking & Information Security
Website: nis.tamu.edu and security.tamu.edu
Email: NIS email addresses
Phone: 979.862.2222
Fax: 979.862.8090
Mailstop: 3472

Information Technology Risk Management
Website: nis.tamu.edu
Email: itrm@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.845.9254
Fax: 979.862.8090
Mailstop: 3472

Project Management Office
Website: pmo.tamu.edu
Email: pmo@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.458.1766
Mailstop: 3472

Website: telecom.tamu.edu
Email: Telecom email directory
Phone: 979.845.1020
Fax: 979.847.1111
Mailstop: 1174