Mainframe Services

Mainframe services provides enterprise backup services and systems support for the IBM z/OS operating system and subsystems. Reliability, availability, serviceability, security, ability to handle high transaction rates, maintenance of large amounts of data, and provisioning of full backup and recovery functions are the hallmark of this system.

Business Continuance

Install and maintain an enterprise backup service for customers who require an additional level of protection for their data. The services include both on- and off-site backup data storage, client installation and service monitoring.

Mainframe Operations

Install and maintain the z/OS operating system and subsystems on IBM mainframe technology. Some of the functions include:

  • Job entry subsystem (JES3)
  • Tape management (TMS)
  • Disk management
  • Backup/restore
  • Database management (Adabas/Natural)
  • Scheduling
  • Report management
  • Robotics

Getting Started

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