Class Email Lists

Instructors have several options for sending email to students enrolled in their classes.

  • TAMUDirect: Provides instant creation of class email lists and offers functions to send messages to those lists. Powered by Google Groups, this self-service application maintains up-to-date contacts based on course rosters or university organization information. Rosters are updated nightly. The older version, TAMUDirect Classic, also will be available until its retirement following the Spring 2016 semester
  • Howdy: Email functions available in the Howdy web portal in the Class Roster on the Instructor tab allow instructors to send email to an entire class roster, individual students within a class or all students in multiple classes. Will be retired following the Spring 2016 semester and replaced by the upgraded TAMUDirect.
  • eCampus: has a Mail tool, which routes messages to various course roles (co-instructors, designers, TAs, students and groups). It also can forward to email addresses external to the learning management system.

Getting Started

  • Log in to TAMUDirect at to generate a list or use TAMUDirect Classic. 
  • Access class lists by logging in at Go to the Instructor tab and choose Class Roster on the Instructor Self-Service channel.
  • Visit Using Mail to learn how to use the eCampus Mail tool.

Help and Support

  • For more information about TAMUDirect, go to the TAMUDirect page or log in at and click the Help link.
  • For more information about class mailing lists through Howdy, log in at and view the how-to Quick Guide on the Instructor tab in the Learn About the Instructor tab channel.
  • For more information about eCampus, view the How-To Guides.

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