Help Desk Repair

Texas A&M University System FY17 Rates displayed below.
View FY17 TAMUS Auxiliary and Non-TAMUS Rates.

Service DescriptionUnitRate in $Item Code/Product/Service
PC Troubleshoot Each 35.00 * PC SERVICES
32GB Flash Drive & Data Backup Each 35.00 * 32GB FLASH DR BACKUP
16GB to 30GB Data Backup Each  40.00 * DATA BACKUP 16-30GB
31GB to 60GB Data Backup Each 80.00 * DATA BACKUP 31-60GB
61GB to 90 GB Data Backup Each 120.00 * DATA BACKUP 61-90GB

* rates include applicable sales tax

Additional Details

No-Charge Services

  • Perform inspection and advise customer of issues.
  • Set up wireless access.
  • Install and configure virtual private network (VPN).

For-Fee Services

  • Install Windows or Apple operating system.
  • Scan for and remove viruses and spyware.
  • Provide data recovery services.*

We accept credit or debit cards, personal checks and cash (must have exact change). See the Service Details page for more information.

*Note that Help Desk Repair cannot guarantee total data recovery or complete safety of your backups, since issues beyond our control could erase or corrupt data.