Whole Disk Encryption

Texas A&M employees who work with confidential or sensitive information must protect that information from disclosure. A common way to lose confidential information is losing a portable device on which it is stored.

To protect confidential information on portable devices, Standard Administrative Procedure (SAP) 29.01.03.M1.16 requires that it be encrypted.

Encryption protects files containing personal or confidential information by rendering them unreadable to anyone that does not have the right "key." Encryption transforms data into unreadable code protecting it in the event of loss or theft. The unreadable code can be translated back to useful data with a key (similar to a password).

Getting Started

Texas A&M provides and supports PGP Desktop as a recommended whole disk encryption product for Windows computers and flash drives. PGP Desktop is available at no cost through the Texas A&M Software Center. For Mac users, FileVault is a built-in tool for whole disk encryption. Visit the Security website for more information.

Filex provides a secure and easy-to-use file distribution system. It has a single-click encryption option for files that contain confidential or sensitive information. Go to filex.tamu.edu to use the system.

Help and Support

Learn more about what to protect on the Security website.
Read about using the Filex system in the Knowledge Base.