Accessing Identity Data

To receive access to identity data, the use of data must comply with the following:

  • Data is related to an application or service-specific need for information about students, faculty or staff
  • Data use is only for official Texas A&M University administrative or academic purposes
  • Data use is consistent with the Texas A&M Identity Services Appropriate Use Policy

Request Forms

Request data releases via Shibboleth, web services or periodic data feeds.

Request a one-time data extract

Additional information about submitting a data request is available on the Infrastructure Services website.

Submitting the Request

The form is printed, signed by the requester and mailed to the Identity Management Office, MS 3374, faxed to 845.6090 or emailed to

Processing the Request

Upon receipt, Identity Management Office personnel will notify the submitter that the request has been received and review the request. If FERPA-protected or private information is being requested, the form will be forwarded to the appropriate data custodians for approval.

Processing of the request typically takes two to four weeks.

If you have any questions about the identity data or the request process, send an email to