Identity Agent Program

The Identity Agent Program supports departmental use of NetID accounts. The program relies on selected staff, designated by authorized departmental officials, to act as trusted authorities for NetIDs. Upon completion of all training requirements, identity agents will be given access to the NetID system and enabled to perform functions specific to their role.

The Identity Agent roles have been developed to align with the two components of an account.

  • HR Identity Agents view and add identity data to the NetID Identity Management System.
  • IT Identity Agents assist departmental personnel with credential setup and use.

The HR Identity Agent role was launched at the HR Liaison Network Fall meeting on September 30, 2014. Interested HR personnel are now able to pursue designation as an HR Identity Agent.

Work has begun to codify the IT Identity Agent role and develop tools.

Getting Started

Designated HR Identity Agents are able to view, create and edit personnel records in the NetID Identity Management System, enabling their employees to activate NetID accounts and gain access to departmental systems on day one of employment. HR Identity Agents can preserve NetID accounts for eligible employees who are not working full-time.

To become a designated HR Identity Agent, you must meet eligibility requirements, submit a designation request, and complete the required training courses.