P25 Radios

The Brazos Valley Wide Area Communications System (BVWACS) is an interoperable radio system that uses Project 25 (P25) radio communications standards for federal, state and local public safety entities. Texas A&M University's Police and Emergency Medical Services use this system.

BVWACS has partnered with the Harris County Regional Radio System, known as TXWARN, to create a 17-county, regional interoperable radio system primarily intended for public safety entities. This wide-area radio system shares the Harris County consortium's central controller in Tomball, TX. During events such as hurricane evacuations, operators can talk via radio with users in many counties from Galveston to the Brazos Valley.

Getting Started

With this system, radios should be purchased from Texas A&M IT because only authorized and programmed radios are able to join. Visit the Cost tab to see charges and installation fees. Visit the Request tab to purchase additional radios or classroom speakers.

Note: Outside of public safety entities, normal day-to-day communications occur over the 800-MHz system operated by Texas A&M.

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