To find out about land-line telephones and accessories, add or change items for an existing system, or order a new on-campus phone system, call 979.845.8300. Submit work orders via email to

Centrex Work Order Forms

  • Centrex Work Order  [DOC] | [PDF]
  • Norstar and Comdial Work Order  [DOC] | [PDF]
  • 800 Number Work Order  [DOC] | [PDF]
  • GETS Calling Card/Wireless Priority Service Work Order  [DOC] | [PDF
  • Return Telephones for Credit Work Order  [DOC] | [PDF]
  • Work Order Summary Form  [DOC] | [PDF] (Submit a Centrex Work Order before completing this form.)

VoIP Work Order Forms

  • Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Work Order [PDF]
  • Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Work Order Summary [EXCEL]