Interested in bringing VoIP to your team?

Contact Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300 or email VoIP@tamu.edu to set up a meeting, ask questions or talk through the details of the switch.

Request VoIP Service

Step 1: Confirm the appropriate network is in place and that your Departmental IT and/or Building Connections support VoIP. If you require a new network drop, submit a request form at u.tamu.edu/networkdrop. Do not proceed to Step 3 until Step 1 is completed.

Step 2: Order and receive devices.

The Texas A&M Division of IT has a list of potential vendors you can request by email at VoIP@tamu.edu. To help you choose the best device for your needs, please review popular VoIP devices featured in the “Cisco Options at a Glance” PDF.

Step 3: Email the completed Work Order Form to tcom-request@tamu.edu.

If you are requesting two or more lines, you must also submit the VoIP Work Order Summary Form

Step 4: If additional phone programming is needed, please complete a corresponding Program Sheet for each device you are requesting.

Step 5: Upon completion of request, you will be notified on how to return leased equipment to the Division of Information Technology's Telecommunications team.