Campus Data Centers

Texas A&M University System FY18 Rates displayed below.
View FY17 and FY18 TAMUS Auxiliary and Non-TAMUS Rates.

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/ Product/Service
Texas A&M IT Supplied Rack *** Year 5,104.00 MR RACK ANNUAL FEE
Texas A&M IT Supplied One-Third Rack *** Year 1,800.00 ONE-THIRD RACK ANNUAL FEE
Machine Room Rack Unit Annual Fee *** Year 245.00 MR RACK UNIT FEE/YR

Machine Room Fee per SF*** (facilities charge) 

Year 200.00 MR NON-IT EQ FEE/ SF
Fully Managed 24-port Copper Network Switch (see note 1 below) Year 1610.00 24PORT COPPER NW SWI
Fully Managed 48-port Copper Network Switch (see note 1 below) Year 2040.00 48PORT COPPER NW SWI
Fully Managed 40-port SFP Network Switch (see note 1 below) Year 3935.00 40PORT SFP NW SWITCH
Install and Configure Managed Switch Hour 160.00 NETWK ENGINEER SUPP

Supplied Racks include standard power and networking. Additional configurations will be billed as Time and Materials.

Build-to-suit and customized configurations will include an initial setup fee based on Time and Materials.

Note 1:  Includes annual config changes, backup of config, 24x7 monitoring, software updates, cold spare replacements, troubleshooting, end-of-life replacement Does not include initial configuration and installment of the switch which will be billed at the hourly network engineering rate.

*** In FY2018, Data Center space will be offered at no cost to Part 02 TAMU excluding Auxiliaries.