Server Virtualization Services

  • Resource Pools: provides self-service addition, deletion and management of your virtualized resources.    
  • vCenter Management: stop, start or connect to the console of your virtual servers.
  • Remote Access: access remotely via SSH, VNC or RDP.
  • IP Address: includes public IP address and/or private campus routable address.
  • Enterprise Class Hardware: Physical servers and storage are designed for large-scale environments and located in secure Tier 2 Plus data centers with continuous monitoring.  
  • Maintenance: includes maintenance, renewal and replacement for physical equipment and all necessary infrastructure.
  • System Administration: choose to manage the operating system and all applications on your virtualized assets, or contract with IT Solutions & Support for system administration support.
  • High Availability: service infrastructure protects against service interruptions due to server and OS failures, and includes optional services for failover and migration between two data centers.

Virtual Server Configurations:

Virtual Server - Basic

  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB memory
  • 40 GB storage

Virtual Server - Custom

High availability configurations available. Price based on configuration and service levels required. Inquire for price.

Add-on Services

Note: Campus member must provide media and license keys for any other operating systems.

Item Description
Additional vCPU Annual fee per vCPU
Additional Memory (Virtual Server) Annual fee per GB.
SSL Certificate No charge for basic SSL certificate.
Managed Systems Support See Server Administration.
OS and Patch Management See Server Administration.
Standard Tape Backup Services Includes 30-day retention and offsite copy services. Additional client software is required for this service at an additional fee. Inquire for price. Backup services also incur a data storage charge (billed annually) based on amount of data stored on tape. Inquire for estimate.
Bulk Storage Additional disk storage. Set-up fee plus annual fee per GB (100 GB minimum). NFS and Fibre Channel presentations are available depending on class of storage required. Other presentation technologies can be considered. Please inquire for details.
Resource Pools Configured to user specification, resource pools are recommended when larger amounts of virtualization resources are required and the user would like more autonomy in managing them. Recommended only for workgroups, departments or projects where the in-house IT expertise is very high. Please inquire for details.