Distribution A

Messages should be formatted as plain text to ensure the message is readable. HTML-formatted content is also readable by most email programs. Formatted information, pictures, tables and graphics should be posted on a web page with a link to the web page in the body of the message.

In order to have a message delivered using Electronic Distribution A, you must send your message and request to the authorized contact for your respective division. These contacts and their respective divisions are listed below:

TAMU Office Contact Person
Office of the President Tracy Cullen
Executive Vice President and Provost Nancy Sawtelle
Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Lisa Rosser or
Karen Bigley
Vice President for Development Karen Pearce
Vice President for Research Susan Wolff
Vice President for Student Affairs Cindy Smith or
Stacy Wright
Vice President and CEO Texas A&M University at Galveston Cherie Coffman
Texas A&M Human Resources Pamela Praesel
Marketing & Communications Marilyn Myers
Division of Information Technology Lacey Baze