Project Management Tools and Guides


The requirements for project management at Texas A&M are presented in state regulation and university policy:

TAC 216

  • Requires each state agency to institute, approve and publish a methodology that communicates an agency-wide approach for project management practices.
  • Requires each state agency to include in its agency strategic plan a description of the extent to which the agency uses its project management practices.
  • Presents criteria for project management practices.

SAP 29.01.03.M1.34

  • Provides guidelines to ensure that information resource projects are managed according to TAC 216.
  • Defines additional requirements specific to Texas A&M University.
  • References the definition of a Major Information Resources Project from Texas Government Code, Chapter 2054: Information Resources.

Texas A&M Internal Audit Reporting

The Texas A&M University System Internal Audit (TAMUS IA) function has requested a regular report on all Major Information Resource Projects (MIRPs). These projects have a clear set of criteria, as established by TAMUS IA:

  • Has development costs of $1 million or more.
  • Involves more than one System member.
  • Manages confidential data such as student grades, client credit card information, or personnel records.
  • Significantly alters work methods of core administrative and business processes and supports financial, personnel, or strategic decision-making.

Any project within Texas A&M University that qualifies as a MIRP, according to these definitions, should be reported to the Division of IT Project Management Office (according to Texas A&M Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M1.34​). The Texas A&M IT PMO will then consolidate Texas A&M University MIRPs and report all to TAMUS IA through the Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer.

Projects may be reported by contacting