Domain Requests

  1. The requester must email and provide:
    • Requested domain name
    • Networks and/or hosts with which this domain should be associated
    • Infoblox group of those who will manage the domain name
    • Administrative Contact Informations
    • A signed and dated memo from the head of the sponsoring department, which may be scanned and attached to the email, or mailed to the Division of IT at Mail Stop 3363.  This memo should confirm that the sponsoring department accepts responsibility for the domain and that hosting the domain is in line with the mission of the university.
  2. The Division of IT will initiate the necessary transaction after the memo and email are received and the domain approved.  We will notify the requester and the department head when the transaction is complete and the domain is active in Infoblox and DNS. (Allow 5 business days after receipt of the sponsoring letter and email.)
  3. The requester must register the domain and manage the domain with a domain registration service.  This can be done concurrently with the previous step.  When registering the domain, use the following name servers:, and

Additional Notes:

  • Depending on the DNS records requested for the domain, inverse DNS resolution (the mapping of an IP address to a domain name) may not be possible.
  • Depending on the overall load this service represents, a recurring fee may be assessed by the Division of IT.