Domain Requests

Domains can be listed in the Texas A&M Domain Name System (DNS) and managed in Infoblox.

Texas A&M Division of Information Technology supports registration of domains outside of the .edu top level domain as long as they meet the following criteria:

  1. Faculty and staff who request a domain must be sponsored by a department in Texas A&M University System.
  2. Students who request a domain must be sponsored by the department of Student Activities.
  3. The head of the sponsoring department must sign and date a memo that confirms the sponsoring department accepts responsibility for the domain and that hosting the domain is in line with the mission of the university. 
  4. Domains must be managed and supported by the Division of IT on the campus DNS servers.
  5. Requester must cover all fees related to the registration of the requested domain.

Getting Started

See the Request tab for detailed information on how to request a domain.