Requesting host names

When a campus unit requests a new website URL ending in (i.e. or, it will require approval by the Vice President for Information Technology (CIO) and the Division of Marketing and Communication. Additional information is available in the IT Self Service Knowledge Base.

This process was developed by the Division of IT to improve our domain management process and make access to the system more secure. This process also allows Texas A&M University Marketing and Communications to protect the brand and reputation of the university.

Requesting subdomains

Departments can request a subdomain to allow them to create hosts within it. This allows departments to manage resources within their subdomain (department) with appropriate granularity and control. Requests for a subdomain are approved by the department head or a higher level IT professional. Additional information is available in the IT Self Service Knowledge Base.

Using Infoblox Effectively:

Additional Infoblox behaviors and expectations can be found on the IT Self Service Knowledge Base

  1. Allocate IP addresses in Infoblox before using them - It is important to allocate the IP address within Infoblox before use to prevent collisions which occur if two people attempt to use the same IP address. In most cases any open address in a range can be used, it is best practice to pick the first available unused IP address in the range. This allows for DHCP ranges to be more easily configured from the remaining blocks of unused addresses.
  2. Allocate addresses only as you need them - the Division of IT manages all IP addresses through Infoblox and all campus users share this resource. Pre-allocation of addresses may deny other users valid access to the network and convey wrong information regarding the available capacity of a network.
  3. Keep Infoblox entries updated - When network problems occur, this information is critical in tracking down machines and their administrators.
  4. Delete Infoblox entries that are no longer used - This frees up address space for other users.  A "reclaim" button allows you to easily reclaim an address in your subnet for re-assignment.