Infoblox provides management for the following services:

IPAM - IP Address Management is provided as a map illustrating used and available network space within your IP address space. You can also view IP conflicts, DNS objects, active DHCP leases, static IP assignments, and other information quickly. IPAM within Infoblox allows for creation of hosts and their requisite records, including A Records, CNames, PTR Records and MX Records.

DNS - Changes to Domain Name System records in Infoblox, including creation of new and deletion of old records, are instantaneous. DNS changes can also be scheduled in advance to take advantage of maintenance windows.

DHCP - Dynamic Host Connection Protocol services in Infoblox are integrated with DNS and IPAM to provide a single point of management.  DHCP pool configuration is requested through the Division of IT.

Malware Prevention - Infoblox utilizes DNS Response Policy Zones to prevent access to known malware websites. Additional information on malware blocking can be found on

NTP - Network Time Protocol is provided by Infoblox for use by servers and workstations on campus.