Subdomain Requests

A subdomain is a name space within the domain that can be requested by colleges, departments, A&M System entities and research organizations.

Most hosts are registered in which results in a "very flat name space." It is desirable to create a larger name space so that unique, desirable names are easier to create. Subdomains can help with this problem. 

Departments can request a subdomain to allow them to create hosts within it. This allows departments to manage resources within their subdomain (department) with appropriate granularity and control. Requests for a subdomain are approved by the department head or a higher-level IT professional.

Several Guidelines are used in the creation of subdomains. These guidelines are intended to ensure that subdomains are created in a controlled manner, and effectively used once they are created.

Subdomains are not hosts, but do contain hosts. is a subdomain, and will allow for the creation of host names like or

Getting Started

See the Request tab for detailed information on how to request a subdomain.