Desktops and Servers

Desktop Connection Requirements

Texas A&M Division of IT provides network connections and upgrades that are engineered to ensure the speed, reliability and security of the network. In addition, the following requirements must be met:
  1. All desktop connections have the restriction of one user device per connection. Desktop connections may not be used in conjunction with other networking equipment to provide more than one user device to the campus network. Violations of this restriction will result in the disabling of the desktop connection until the situation has been corrected.
  2. All use of the campus network must follow Texas A&M policies and procedures and must follow local, state and federal laws. Any violations may result in administrative and/or legal action.
  3. All users should respect the campus network as a shared resource. Any activity that hinders the Division of IT’s ability to ensure reliable operation of the campus network may result in disabling of the desktop connection.
  4. Desktop connections and all of the network infrastructure that supports them are managed by the Division of IT. No modification or alteration of this infrastructure by the customer is allowed. Any problems or other questions concerning the network infrastructure should be reported to the Division of IT for handling.