Desktops and Servers

Texas A&M Division of Information Technology offers desktop connections to the university and organizations that are located on university property.

There are requirements associated with this service.

Getting Started

To make a connection request, go to the Request tab.

Help and Support

Texas A&M Division of Information Technology offers twisted pair Fast Ethernet (100BaseTX) or Gigabit (1000BaseTX) connection to a single Fast Ethernet or Gigabit end device (PC, Mac, printer, etc.). We will provide all needed networking equipment and maintenance at a cost. The customer will be responsible only for providing a 100BaseTX or 1000BaseTX interface for the machine. Users may access the connection at the wall jack only; all other aspects of the connection (network backbone, wiring closets, routers, bridges, etc.) are managed by the Division of IT.

Texas A&M Division of IT also offers moves of existing 10BaseT, 100BaseT or 1000BaseT desktop connections. An itemized list of existing connections that will be disconnected must be included for a move request to be processed.

An installation request for an area with no previous 1000BaseT connections from the nearest wiring closet will require a minimum of 8 1000BaseT connections.