Acceptable Use Policy

The Texas A&M University Network is governed by rules covering responsibilities when connecting to the network. These rules are not optional. All faculty, staff, and students are bound by their affiliation to the university to follow these rules. Ignorance of these rules is not a valid excuse for not following them. Please review the Acceptable Use Policy.

Network Devices

Attaching unapproved network devices (e.g. wireless access points, hubs, switches, and DHCP servers) in the Texas A&M Residence halls is strictly prohibited.  To learn more about what devices are allowed in the residence halls, visit TAMULink for Residence Halls. Some wireless devices can cause disruptions, security risks and outages for ResNet users. Using these devices on ResNet can cause the user's port to be disabled. The user will need to contact Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300 to re-enable connection.

ResNet Wireless Restrictions

Unapproved attachment of wireless access points is strictly prohibited in Texas A&M residence halls.  These devices cause major disruptions and security risks in ResNet and outages for fellow students.  Unapproved active wireless access points found on ResNet are  cause for  the network port to be disabled. Users will need to contact Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300 or to re-enable connection.   

ResNet NAT Devices

Students living on campus are given a single ethernet port on ResNet. A Network Address Translation (NAT) box allows students to connect multiple devices (e.g. Gaming Systems, Printers, and  computers) to a single ethernet port.  Any wireless options on NAT boxes must be disabled. Also, do not use a NAT box to connect devices from multiple students on the same network connection. For help in setting up a NAT device, please see Connecting Multiple Devices: Nat Boxes and Routers.

NOTE: Since ResNet is inside the Texas A&M firewall, gaming systems may be unable to connect and interact with off-campus systems. Therefore, some network games for PCs and consoles may not work.

ResNet Firewall Restrictions

Due to changes in network configurations, students in the Residence Halls will no longer be allowed to request a port opening for computers on ResNet. This means that no computer on ResNet can be accessible from off campus. 

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