Duress/Panic Button

Once active and operational, a duress/panic button can be utilized to silently request University Police Department (UPD) response or assistance by alarming the Texas A&M Radio Room. The Radio Room is staffed 24/7/365 and trained to dispatch UPD in the event of any security panel alarm or notification. The following steps and procedures must be met in order to install and activate the panic/duress button

1) Notify UPD and be granted approval through an application process. An “Alarm/Security System Information” form must be completed and submitted to UPD. This form allows UPD to have necessary building and contact information. The form can be requested by contacting Lt. Bobby Richardson of UPD at 979-845-2345 or brichardson@tamu.edu.

2) Send a work order to the Division of IT requesting the installation of a duress/panic button. Please visit the Cost tab to view the monthly cost of a duress/panic button. The maintenance fee covers routine maintenance of the equipment as well as a yearly scheduled test of the button. A test can also be requested at any time by contacting the Division of IT directly. Once the work order is processed, a technician will schedule a site visit to review placement options for the button. The button is then physically installed but not yet active.

3) The Division of IT will coordinate with Siemens to connect the duress/panic button. Once the button has been installed, Siemens must activate it by connecting to the appropriate security/alarm panel and programming the system for notification to the Radio Room. The Siemens technician will complete all necessary work and perform an initial system verification. If there is any question as to the cable location during installation, please contact Telecommunications while the Siemens technician is onsite.

The duress/panic button will not be active until all of these tasks have been completed, after which the button will be tested by the Division of IT and confirmed operational.