Campus Firewall

The campus firewall restricts access to the campus network from the Internet. It protects university resources from abuse or attack by Internet users, who may take advantage of the many vulnerabilities on modern computer systems.

By default, all IP protocols except ICMP are blocked and the administrator must request any desired openings. To learn more about requesting a port opening see the Request tab.

Getting Started

Before requesting ports to be opened, you should verify if any ports are already open for your system. To view current firewall settings for systems you own, visit the View Firewall Openings section on our website. Ownership is determined by the group ownership information in Infoblox

To request a port opening in the campus firewall, go to or submit a request to Computers with services available through the campus firewall must be scanned for vulnerabilities.

Instructions for requesting a departmental firewall can be found on the Departmental Firewall page.

Help and Support

Please see the Guidelines and FAQ tabs for additional information. If you have any questions or concerns, send an email to