Departmental Firewalls

To request a departmental firewall, send an email to

Before installing the departmental firewall, the Network Engineering Team will determine if any network architecture changes are needed. Changes may be needed in order to isolate your department or lab in preparation for the firewall. In addition, IT Security will review any current campus firewall settings for hosts you own in Infoblox. The time required to install a departmental firewall varies based on the complexity of the network infrastructure.

If you process Credit Cards, other Payment Card Industry requirements must be met.

Updates and Support

Currently, rule change requests should be submitted by emailing A new web interface for rule changes is being developed. Department administrators may use this interface to make rule changes on non-PCI firewalls. PCI Firewall rule change requests will continue to be submitted to

For privacy reasons, access to firewall logs is limited. However, if a network event requires investigation, the Division of IT will work with you to extract the relevant logs.