Cascade Server

Cascade Server Benefits for the University

  • Save costs - Cascade Server increases efficiency by streamlining the process of creating, approving and publishing information online. The enterprise solution reduces overall costs through shared central support and by eliminating the need for individual departments to maintain their own web content management systems.
  • Enhance brand consistency - Ability to share images, page content, site templates and other assets makes it easier to maintain consistency throughout university websites.
  • Improve site usability - Built-in tools make it simpler to meet accessibility requirements and follow web standards, improving usability of university websites.

Cascade Server Benefits for Departments

  • Manage web content - System tools allow end-users to easily add, delete or modify web pages without highly technical programming knowledge.
  • Maintain control of department sites - The site Manager role, one step below the Administrator role, allows department webmasters to manage their own sites.
  • Share content - Cascade Server allows content sharing across sites of your department or college or with other departments within the system. This reduces time spent re-creating content.
  • Publish multiple formats - The system allows publishing and repurposing content to multiple formats, including PDF and mobile versions of sites.
  • Access with subscription rate - Shared service allows departments to gain access to an enterprise-level system at low subscription rates.