Application Design and Development

We highly encourage a cooperative effort between the development or support team and the customer to identify the nature and scope of your needs and to define a suitable solution. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout a process of providing support or designing a custom application:

  • Preliminary requirements and risk analyses offer better understanding of project direction and feasibility.
  • Written descriptions of work to be completed including project descriptions and detailed cost estimates.
  • Detailed design documents provide a blueprint for building new applications.
  • Regular meetings and status reports keep you informed of project requirements and progress.

Planning and Documenting Design Concepts

We develop new applications and systems or modify and add to existing systems using standardized development processes. Design specifications provide a necessary blueprint for building your application. Through the design process, you and our team members communicate not only project needs and requirements, but also stumbling blocks and constraints. A common understanding that defines the system is documented by our team. This thorough, professional documentation reduces miscommunication, misconceptions and mistakes and is invaluable for future maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrading.