Database Development

The Division of Information Technology provides a full spectrum of database development and conversion services. Our database consultants can upgrade an existing database, normalize an existing database for optimum performance, or design a new high-performance database solution for your business process.

Database Development

We provide professional database design, development and integration services for all major database platforms. Our database consulting team has hands-on experience in a wide variety of business technologies and environments. We can help identify and resolve problems with your existing business processes, information systems and technology utilization, resulting in a more efficient database development process. This process involves identifying information needing to be stored by an application, determining a logical data structure and creating an information storage plan. Experienced database design consultants can help evaluate existing Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft Access databases, and create new relational databases to manage important business data.

Database Conversions

Applications often begin with Microsoft Access databases, which are relatively simple to implement and suitable for small offices. Because of its limitations, an Access database may struggle to effectively support a site as it grows and changes. We can manage the transition to a more robust database management system that can support larger multi-user applications and systems:
  • Maintain data integrity and security.
  • Examine and minimize risk.
  • Reduce database size by purging old data in compliance with university rules and standard administrative procedures for records management.
  • Reorganize and cleanse data to reduce access time.
  • Consolidate multiple databases into a single, high-performance database.
  • Perform data field mapping between the source and target data structures.
  • Document data structures and relationships.

Getting Started

To request this service, email or call 979.847.4877.