Database Hosting and Administration

The database team provides database hosting services on dedicated, highly available shared servers for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL relational database management systems. Regardless of the platform, the database team provides database administration functions as part of the hosting service:

  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database server maintenance including patching and upgrades
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Problem resolution
Hosting services include 24/7 technical support for problems database users may encounter with the core database management system hosting the database(s), as well as assistance with database object and security management, job scheduling and other administrative tasks.

Contract Database Administration Services

The database team provides contract database administration services for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL relational database management systems on campus member’s installed hardware. Contract database administration services include installation of database software, set up and configuration of database instances, database security, instance patching and upgrading, tuning and performance analysis, backup and recovery operations, hardware and software planning, and problem resolution support.

Database administrator contracts are offered in increments of one-quarter Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) and are based on individual needs. If needing a database administrator only on occasion or for a special project, we also offer ad-hoc support options based on a particular number of hours of effort.

Getting Started

To request this service, email or call 979.847.4877.