• Incident Operations Center
    The Incident and Operations Center (IOC) is a key element of Texas A&M Technology Services providing incident management, monitoring capabilities, alert management, and support services in a 24/7/365 capacity. Working closely with integral IT support, response, and infrastructure teams, the IOC monitors the operational integrity of all Technology Services data centers, the health of critical IT services, web resources, and network services across multiple Texas A&M University & TAMU Health campuses and locations. In addition, the IOC provides after-hour Service Desk support for TAMU Help Desk Central and Tarleton State University as well as after-hours business IT support monitoring and tasks for multiple IT departments within the university including Enterprise Information Systems.
  • Audio Visual Services
    Supports and maintains audio visual equipment for classrooms and conference rooms on campus.
  • IT Support Services
    • Help Desk Central
      Provides 24/7 IT support to TAMU students, faculty, and staff by phone, email, chat, in person, and on the web.
    • LMS Support Team
      Provides Tier 2 support for Canvas to TAMU students, faculty, and staff by phone, email, chat, in person, and on the web.
    • Software Center
      Coordinates contracts, purchasing, and licensing of software
    • Tech Hub
      TechHub is a centralized technology procurement program intended to reduce the cost of device life-cycle management and improve the user experience through centralized purchasing, device standardization, supply-chain management, and provide cost savings in the processing and deployment of hardware and software assets
  • Technology Operations
    • Unified Endpoint Management
      Provides endpoint management for Windows, Apple, Android, and Linux devices. Provides OS and 3rd Party App Patching, Workstation Security Compliance, and Endpoint Privilege Management and Protection.
    • Tech Ops 1
      Specializes in support of Data Centers, Backups and Disaster Recovery, Advanced OS Support, System Support, Active Directory, and Load Balancers.
    • Tech Ops 2
      Specializes in Virtualization, Storage, and Virtualization Compliance
    • Tech Ops 3
      Cloud Operations (AggieCloud, AWS, Azure, GCP) STAR, Cloud Compliance, M365 Support
    • Computing Labs (OAL)
      Supports Campus Printing, Workstation Security Compliance, VDI - Apps for OAL and BYOD. Provides Computer Lab and Facility Management, hardware repair, NSC scheduling, and classroom coordination. Supports IMS Camera Servers and Storage and provides 3rd party app and software management.