Project Purpose

The purpose of the Aggie Innovation Platform (AIP) is to provide a set of multi-cloud capabilities for Texas A&M University so members can use approved, compliant and secure environments to accelerate research activities, improve security, reduce the time to experiment and innovate, modernize IT service delivery and support better business continuity plans. The project will provide Infrastructure as a Service through the Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, the Google Compute Platform and the on-campus Aggie Cloud.

Goals (milestones)

  • Create a new website to facilitate communication about and access to the AIP - COMPLETE.
  • Create billing system, structure and process to provide automated bill processing for Technology Services and AIP users.
  • Framework architecture for each public cloud that allows for centralized governance, security controls and sharing of directory services. 
  • Integration of NetID authentication 
  • Develop a support community that leverages campus stakeholders to create a shared support structure.