What products will be offered through TechHub?

We plan to offer laptops, desktops and tablets from Dell, Apple, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo as well as a wide range of products and accessories such as printers, monitors, docking stations, webcams, keyboards, mice, speakers, headsets, adapters and cables.

How do you select what products are offered?

We are developing a product selection process that will include input from a TechHub advisory group comprised of IT directors and staff from across campus. Our goal is to provide technology that balances quality, performance and cost-effectiveness that meets the needs of our diverse customer base.

Who can purchase products through TechHub?

Initially, only Technology Services employees will have the ability to purchase. As we build workflows, we will have the opportunity to open the program for other faculty and staff to be able to purchase products as well.

How do I get to the TechHub website?

We are in the process of building the TechHub website. Once the site is live, you will use SSO to log in to view and purchase products.

When will I be able to purchase products through TechHub?

Purchases for Technology Services employees will be available as early as this summer. Purchases for colleges and units begin to be available this Fall and continue to expand throughout Spring 2024.

How do I request a custom order?

We will have a custom order form on the TechHub website.

How do I request a bulk order?

We will have a bulk order request process on the TechHub website.

What kind of pricing can I expect from TechHub?

Due to the large volume of our recurring purchases and collective purchasing power, we will continuously negotiate with technology manufacturers and vendors to receive deeply discounted prices. Our pricing should always be lower than you can procure on your own, however, discounts will vary based on manufacturer volume through the TechHub program.

Who approves purchases in TechHub?

As we onboard each unit, we will determine who should approve purchases within their group and build that into the TechHub workflow.

Will we be able to use Procurement cards?

Not at this time. Procurement cards have transaction fees, and we are working to avoid fees and increase cost savings. We are integrating TechHub with AggieBuy to streamline the purchase process and will continue to improve our purchasing processes to make them quick, convenient, and efficient.

How will purchases be delivered?

Once your order is complete, we will coordinate with you for pickup or delivery.

Will TechHub just be a website where I purchase hardware?

No! While TechHub will offer a quick, user-friendly, automated e-commerce website to easily place technology orders, the value we will offer the university goes much further.

We will offer the following benefits: 

  • Evaluate, vet and test new technologies to ensure only high-quality technologies complying with Texas A&M standards are offered.
  • Deeply discounted pricing through strategic vendor management and leveraging large volume and collective purchasing power.
  • Immediate availability of technology by maintaining a buffer stock of standard items. 
  • Organized and timely order fulfillment process, including order delivery.
  • All technology will be pre-tested, configured and set up so customers can just log in and start working. 
  • Standard software configuration and image loads on systems will include preconfigured security, compliance and support tools required by Texas A&M.

We already have a good process to handle hardware purchases, why should I use TechHub?

Our goal is to continuously evaluate our processes to streamline, automate and improve the TechHub services over time. In addition to cost-savings, lead time availability and imaging efficiency, we will provide analytics on purchasing trends and history to aid in budget projections and planning. With our collective purchasing power, vendors and manufacturers will be held to a higher standard to respond rapidly to any problems that occur. 

I would like to be a part of the TechHub program, how do I get involved?

Great, you can contact tom.wood@tamu.edu and let us know how you would like to get involved!