The Aggie Innovation Platform (AIP) has been closely developed with input from the Texas A&M University community. Our goal is to combine cloud technologies with people and processes to help the entire campus community innovate and work more effectively and efficiently.

How to Join

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Information Sharing

Rather than developing a full support staff, Technology Services has created a shared support model where the community works together to share information and provide guidance and best practices.

Group Facilitators

  • Architecture 
    • Alec Smith
  • Engineering
    • Blake Dworaczyk
    • Meghan Southerland
    • Michael Leary
  • Libraries
    • Doug Hahn
    • Chris Rutledge
  • Technology Services - AIP
    • William Deigaard
    • Andrew Marcontell
    • Robert Cheyne
    • Kevin Glueck
    • Joseph Rafferty
  • Health IT
    • Jody Harrison
  • High Performance Research Computing
    • Dhruva Chakravorty
    • Lisa Perez
  • Transportation
    • Jason Welch
  • Veterinary Medicine
    • Joel James
  • Technology Services - Identity
    • Jason Zylks
  • Technology Services - Security
    • Adam Mikeal
    • Stephen Pampell
    • Garrett Yamada