University-wide IT Governance Framework

University-Wide IT Governance

IT Governance is the assurance that Information Technology aligns with the outcomes required by Texas A&M University for successful fulfillment of its mission. Governance ensures appropriate decision-making activities (prioritization and funding) are done in concert with the university’s strategic priorities, while taking into account input from a broad base of students, faculty and staff from across the university.

Information Technology at Texas A&M

Our mission is to provide a robust, secure and innovative IT environment that supports Texas A&M University's goals in teaching, research and service.

Office of the CIO

The position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Texas A&M University is to provide innovative leadership to power technology throughout the campus community.

Division of IT

With an eye for innovation, the Division of IT is dedicated to utilizing technology in supporting the mission of Texas A&M University.

Strategic Steps Forward

The Division of IT is strategically focused on the future. Each project or initiative is carefully chosen based on its potential to move the university forward as a technological innovator and meet the needs of the campus community. The Division of IT leadership has set out to create strategic initiatives to focus the division and advance the university through technology.