IRPSC is charged with providing oversight and support of Texas A&M University information security by authoring policies, procedures, and security initiatives. Additionally, IRPSC provides a critical role in the creation, review, and approval of new or modified Rules, SAPs and security controls. IRPSC works in close collaboration with groups within the Office of University Risk and Compliance to accomplish this charge. 


To facilitate this process, the IT Policy Review subcommittee meets jointly with the ITAC Stakeholder and Advisory Group once a month to discuss and review prosed changes to Rules, SAPs, and security controls. Recommendations from this group are then passed to the committee as a whole, which are voted on and passed as recommendations to the CIO.

September 2018.


Staff Member Name College/Unit Representation

Ms. Karen Hrncir

Academic Services IT Representative

Anthony Schneider 

Division of Student Affairs IT Representative

Dale Cook

Division of Finance and Administration IT Representative