At the request of the Texas A&M University System, Texas A&M University Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer formed a task force to clarify several parts of TAMUS Regulation 29.01.03.

An evaluation of the regulation was completed by members of the IT Governance - Information Risk, Policy, and Security Committee (IRPSC) in May 2018. This task force will build upon their work with a faculty-centric focus. The original members of the IRPSC who conducted the first review will be included on the task force.

Specifically, the task force will look at section 5.2 and the requirement to consolidate "significant IT equipment" to a centralized data center by September 1, 2019. They will recommend clarifications to the meaning of "Significant IT Equipment" and propose "allowable exceptions" for not moving IT equipment to an approved data center. The task force's work should be complete by September 2018.


Faculty Member Name College/Unit  Representation

Dr. Leonard Bright

Bush School

Dr. Steve Cambone

College of Engineering

Dr. Tim Davis

College of Engineering

Dr. Jean-Luc Guermond

College of Science

Dr. Michael Hall

College of Science

Dr. Bruce Herbert


Dr. Richard McMullen

High Performance Research Computing

Dr. Yalchin Efendiev

College of Science

Dr. Penny Riggs

College of Agriculture (Chair)

Dr. Henrik Schmiediche

College of Science

Dr. Chris Seabury

College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Loren Skow

College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Lee Tarpley

College of Agriculture

Staff Member Name College/Unit Representation

Aaron Brender

IRPSC Member, Division of Research - Director of Research Technology Services

Ms. Karen Hrncir

Chairperson - IRPSC, Assistant Director - Provost IT Office (Task Force Manager)

Mr. Adam Mikeal

Chairperson -  Associate Director - Risk Management, Policy & Life Safety

Mr. Ed Pierson

IRSPC Member, Director of Engineering Information Technology and Chief Information Officer of TEES at Texas A&M University