Q: Why are we reviewing other Learning Management Systems?

A: TAMU's contract for eCampus (a.k.a. Blackboard) ended on August 31, 2018. Our current Learning Management System (LMS), is ending August 31, 2021. The TTLTC voted to extend the contract for three years and establish a subcommittee to review other LMS products. The extension was necessary to review other systems and provide enough time for a transition to a new system. A LMS Selection Committee has been formed to recommend a replacement LMS by May 2019. This committee is comprised of faculty and staff representatives from all TAMU colleges and campuses.

Q: How can I join the LMS Subcommittee?

A: Thank you for your interest. The Vice-President for IT and CIO appointed faculty and staff representatives from across the University with every college having a representative. The membership of the subcommittee is closed. However, your input is still needed. Please plan on attending the vendor presentations, attending the feedback forums and submitting the survey.

Q: Why were these three vendors chosen?

A: These three vendors were selected as they are the most suited for handling a University of our size. The Texas A&M University System Office has developed contractual agreements with Blackboard, Brightspace and Canvas. e-Literate has a useful website with LMS Marketshare information.

Q: When will we know what LMS has been chosen?

A: The LMS Review Timeline can be downloaded here: LMS Review Timeline. A formal announcement should be made in the Summer of 2019 after the Executive IT Council receives the LMS recommendation report from the IT Governance Program.

Q: How will I get training on the new LMS?

A: Once the LMS is selected, the IT Governance Program will transition the initiative to ITS where it will become an implementation project. A new project plan will contain information about training and migration.

Q: Will I have to migrate my course?

A: Once the LMS is selected, ITS will create an implementation project. They will distribute a new project plan that will contain information about training and migration.

Q: How do I give feedback on the LMS?

A: You can provide feedback on the LMS reviews by attending the Feedback Forums on April 3rd & 4th, as well as sending an email to You will also be able to submit your feedback via the LMS Review Survey, which will be available after the vendor presentations.

Q: Who is my college contact?

A: Please visit the LMS Selection Subcommittee page for information about your college representative.

Q: How do I log into the Vendor Evaluation Sites?

A: Login information for each of the Evaluation Sites is provided on each of the vendor pages (Canvas, Blackboard Ultra, Brightspace D2L). Once you log into the LMS evaluation sites, you will have a practice course where you can create content as an Instructor. You will also be enrolled as a student in a sample course, so that you can see what a course will look like from the student perspective. Please submit a request to if you have trouble logging in.