Project Purpose

Students, retirees and interested faculty will transition to the cloud-based Google Apps for Education. Faculty can request a Google Apps account for collaboration with students and colleagues. Deans and vice presidents have the option to select Google Apps for their units.


Google Apps for Education saves the university money, while increasing storage space, providing equal levels of security and guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime. Google Apps automatically stores everything online in the cloud, allowing access to emails, documents, calendars and contacts from almost any mobile device or tablet.

Google Apps Transition Timeline

June 2014: Texas A&M Gmail goes live for students who want to start using it. Users will be able to migrate their mail, calendar, contacts and briefcase from Zimbra/Neo to Google Apps.

Fall 2014: Students and non-hosted Zimbra/Neo users will all transition to Texas A&M Gmail.

October 2014: Access to Zimbra/Neo removed for campus members.

December 2014: Contract with Zimbra/Neo ends.

Google Apps Transition FAQ

What is Google Apps at Texas A&M University?
Google is currently offering educational institutions hosting for email, calendars and other tools through Google Apps for Education, an integrated communication and collaboration solution.

Why are we changing email systems?
Google Apps allows Texas A&M University to provide students and employees with access to a variety of popular cloud-based tools at a low cost to the university.

Who will receive Texas A&M Gmail accounts?
All students will receive a Texas A&M Gmail account. Faculty can request an account to collaborate with students. Staff eligibility is determined by each department. Staff should speak with their IT administrator about eligibility.

When will the transition occur?
Students can opt to move to Texas A&M Gmail starting by this summer. They will be able to migrate their Neo mail, calendar, contacts and briefcase to Google at this time. This fall, all students will start using Texas A&M Gmail. Students will still be able to access their Neo account until October 20, 2014.

Will I get a new email address?
Yes. Your new email address will be "" Mail sent to you at your "" address will be forwarded to your Gmail account.

What will happen to my old email?
When you move to Gmail, you will be able to move your old mail, calendar, contacts and briefcase. Mail sent to your address will continue to forward to your Texas A&M Gmail account.

What will be my mailbox quota?
Your Texas A&M Gmail account has a quota of 30 GB.