Completed FY 2019

The Texas A&M – Health Science Center currently operates an independent Microsoft Exchange Email System (Exchange). In the years following the merger between Texas A&M University (TAMU) and the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC), this has created an environment where students, employees, and special populations (e.g. affiliates, visiting scholars, emeritus faculty, etc.) utilized either two concurrent email systems or the separate TAMHSC email system with limited interoperability between the two systems.

The purpose of the TAMHSC email migration project is to consolidate two separate email systems to deliver an outcome resulting in decreased administration costs, an improved email experience for TAMHSC members, the reduction of unwanted email messages and the implementation of a foundation for consolidation of identity management systems and bulk-mail distribution.

Known Issues from Pilot

Migration Timeline

You will receive an email up to two weeks prior to the scheduled migration date for your group with information necessary for migrating your mailbox. If you receive a notice and are unable to move during your scheduled group migration date, you may request to opt-out and migrate during August.

Group Announcement Email Migration Date
Extended Pilot & Volunteer June 19 June 23
College of Nursing & HSC Administrators June 19 June 30
College of Pharmacy June 19 July 7

College of Dentistry - Faculty

College of Medicine - Students

July 1 July 14
College of Dentistry - Staff & Student Worker July 8 July 21


July 15 July 28

College of Dentistry - Student

College of Medicine - Faculty, Staff, Student Workers & Grad Asst


July 22 August 4

School of Public Health - Fac, Staff, Students, Student Workers, & Grad Assist

Affiliates, Emeritus Faculty, Visiting Scholars, Volunteers, Contractors, Temporary Workers & Opt-Out - Group 1

July 29 August 11
Affiliates, Emeritus Faculty, Visiting Scholars, Volunteers, Contractors, Temporary Workers & Opt-Out  - Group 2 August 5 August 18
Any remaining individual accounts August 26 September 8
Shared mailboxes and lists August 26 September 15

Steps to Preparing your NetID

A NetID is used to access many university resources, including Texas A&M Exchange email, and is now required for all Texas A&M - Health Science Center members. Now is the time to review your NetID account for the upcoming email migration. Your NetID will be your new @tamu email address (e.g. NetID@tamu.edu).

Step 1 - Claim a Texas A&M NetID (if not already claimed) and confirm/update your NetID password at gateway.tamu.edu.

Step 2 - (Optional). You may change your @tamu email address or NetID. Visit How to Update Your Email Address or NetID.

Steps to Preparing your Mailbox

You will be notified by the Division of IT when it is time to transition your mailbox. View the timeline here. There are three ways to prepare your email clients on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, during the week prior to your designated transition date, which will always occur on Sunday evenings.

Step 1 - Claim or update your NetID (if not already claimed or updated)

Step 2 - Choose one of two ways to prepare your mailbox client(s):

  1. Configure your new Texas A&M Exchange mailbox yourself (choose the option below that applies to you):
    1. KB0018580 - Configure Outlook for TAMU Exchange in Windows
    2. KB0013773 - Configure Mail for TAMU Exchange in MacOS
    3. KB0013951 - Configure Outlook 2016 for TAMU Exchange in MacOS
    4. KB0010364 - Configure iOS Mail for TAMU Exchange
    5. KB0010397 - Configure Android for TAMU Exchange
    6. KB0018543 - Configure Outlook Mobile app for TAMU Exchange
  2. Contact Help Desk Central or 979.845.8300 to have a support specialist configure your client remotely or schedule a local IT support specialist to receive desk-side service.


What will be the name of my distribution list after the migration on September 15?

Most lists will continue to use the same address with only the @tamhsc.edu changed to @tamu.edu. For example, the email address dentalalumni@tamhsc.edu will now become dentalalumni@tamu.edu. However, some distribution list names have a conflict with an existing address within the @tamu.edu domain. Please review the document found in the link below to recognize if your distribution list or unbound account will change.  In the case of name conflicts, your list name will remain the same and the subdomain will be @health.tamu.edu.

When will my distribution list move from @tamhsc to @tamu?

All distribution lists and shared mailboxes will move on Sunday, September 15. If you are using Microsoft Outlook to send or receive messages to these lists, you will need to update the address. Please contact helpdesk@tamu.edu for assistance in updating the address.

How do I lookup a distribution list or shared mailbox in Outlook after the September 15 migration?

All distribution lists and shared mailboxes are available in the Global Address List abbreviated first with a display name of “Texas A&M Health – .”

How do I manage my distribution list after the September 15 migration?

Exchange - Managing Distribution Groups explains how to manage distribution lists that you own within Outlook Web Access available via https://exchange.tamu.edu.

Will my email address change?

Yes, your new email address will be NetID@tamu.edu. Mail sent to your existing @tamhsc.edu addresses will continue to be delivered to your new mailbox for one year. During this time, we encourage you to inform senders of your new @tamu.edu address, update your email signature, and update business cards.

There will be a small number of cases where the email address will not be NetID@tamu.edu when a NetID is already taken. You will be contacted by the Division of Information Technology if this applies to you.

Will I lose my archived emails?

Archived emails are removed from the server and stored locally in the mail client through the use of a “.pst” file. Each archived .pst file can be added as outlined through this KB article. Technical support assistance is available by emailing helpdesk@tamu.edu or calling 979-845-8300.

How long will it take to migrate my Exchange email account?

You will be notified by the Division of IT when it is time to transition your mailbox. View the timeline here. Mailboxes will be migrated on the Sunday of your selected week from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. During this time, you will not be able to send or receive an email. No email will be lost and all mail will be available to you the following Monday once your email client (e.g. Outlook, MacMail, Mobile Clients, etc.) is configured to accept the new mail. Until that time, you may access your mailbox through the web at exchange.tamu.edu.

What if I am not ready to move my mailbox?

You may opt-out of the upcoming migration date by completing this form. You may choose to migrate your mailbox during August, 2019.

What will happen to the [External] and [TAMU] tags in the subject line?

The [External] tag will continue to identify email originating from email servers outside Texas A&M University for HSC members. The [TAMU] tag will no longer be used since all email addresses will end with the @tamu.edu domain.

Will we be able to access our email through the TAMU Gmail after the change?

You do not need to access your TAMU email thru Gmail; rather use exchange.tamu.edu.

Will *encrypt* email encryption still work?

Please visit Email Encryption Knowledgebase Article.

Will Google Group lists still work with @tamu addresses?

Yes, a list subscriber's new @tamu address will be automatically added to existing Google Group lists.

Will our email storage quota change?

No, by default your storage will be 10GB.

How will those with old NetIDs be able to change to their new name?

Please visit Gateway - Activating/Creating a NetID Knowledgebase Article.

Will the emails be changed automatically in the TAMHSC directory, workday, Outlook address book?

In Outlook - yes.  They will need to update their directory information in Workday and HSC Directory.

Many TAMHSC users already use their TAMU NetID. Will their old HSC email automatically forward to those?

Yes, for at least one year.

How will username collisions be handled?

It will be based on their NetID.  Users will be unable to claim a NetID that is already used by someone else.