Project Purpose

The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) project is a major enhancement to the campus network to accommodate growing usage and increase security of important campus assets while controlling costs. The upgrade will enable greater flexibility in isolating and securing resources in a way not currently possible. Implementing the upgrade should not affect end users.

MPLS will provide the ability to:

Set traffic paths through the campus network to logically isolate traffic;
Securely group geographically separate computer assets to treat them as a single network;
Place traffic filters between general campus and restricted networks; and
Set performance characteristics for classes of traffic.


The upgrade will cost-effectively increase security of important assets such as Voice-over-IP, audiovisual surveillance cameras, and systems used by Utilities and Energy Management and the University Police Department.


Enhance core routing nodes in the campus data center to support MPLS. Provision MPLS connectivity to every building on the Texas A&M University campus.