Project Purpose

The overall purpose of the Division of IT Disaster Recovery Project is the following:

  • Improve capabilities for continued operations for our users by:
    • Identifying risks, and thus reducing likelihood of IT service failure.
    • Establishing a DR plan that minimizes the time that IT services are unavailable during unexpected events.
  • Meet obligations to the State of Texas, as specified in the Division of IT security controls catalog.
  • Provide an example of disaster recovery planning to other units within Texas A&M University.

The purpose will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Establish DR Plan
    • Develop a unified response plan for the Division of IT
    • Establish documented procedures for IT services
  • Identify Risks and Reduce Likelihood of Failure.
    • Conduct initial exercises for IT services
    • Provide the Division of IT Leadership with recommendations for enhancing resiliency
  • Meet Obligations to State
    • Show compliance with control catalog and Texas A&M University System Contingency Planning Standard
  • Provide Example to the university
    • Plan will be formatted to be scalable to other units within Texas A&M University