Project Purpose

To improve the consistency, efficiency, and security of endpoint management, Technology Services will implement a centralized Apple Device Management platform. The project will reduce technology costs and redundant administrative overhead while improving customer experience.


Jamf Pro will be implemented as a centralized Apple Device Management platform. This tool will unify 17 existing Jamf instances, representing 5,200 managed devices, across Texas A&M University and approximately 2,500 existing unmanaged Apple devices across campus. With a consolidated Apple Device Management platform, Technology Services can manage and secure devices across campus allowing the end-user to work with minimal to no interruptions and with optimal security. The project will provide:

  • Consistency: Jamf will ensure software updates and patches across campus are consistent.
  • Security: Antivirus, security patches, firewall maintenance are maintained by Technology Services. No personal information is scanned or indexed by Jamf.
  • Efficiency: Remote assistance is available for all Jamf managed devices and updates can be scheduled by the end-user.
  • Collaboration: Through an early adoption program continuous feedback is fostered between the end-user and Technology Services.


  • Early Adopter Migration Phase: March – 2023
  • Campus Migration Phase: April – May 2023
  • Deferred Device Migration Phase: Summer 2023