What should users do to prepare for this upgrade?

If you currently have voicemail, ensure you are signed up for email delivery of new messages to prevent any loss of voice messages while switching between the old and new systems. If you need to change your voicemail delivery options, send an email to tcom-request@tamu.edu with your active phone number and the email address you would like to use for voicemail delivery.

Why is my telephone changing? What is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)?

With new building wiring and networking, we have an opportunity to upgrade our phone service. The Cisco phones use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Your phone service will be provided through a data network connection instead of a phone line. If you have not used a VoIP phone before, your Cisco VoIP phone is a small, low-power computer tied to our data network the same way a desktop computer or networked printer would be, using an "Ethernet" cable and jack.

How will the new service differ? What can I do with my new phone that I could not do with my old phone? Will I still have the same telephone features after the VoIP upgrade? How can I learn how to use the new phones?

We are providing upgraded Cisco VoIP phones with the same basic phone services as your current digital/analog phones. The difference is you will have extra features. Besides lowering costs, the new system provides enhanced features now and in the future. Each VoIP phone has call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID and three-way calling at no extra charge. Your voice mail messages will be forwarded to your e-mail as audio files. You can either save or delete them in your email. You also have enhanced phone conferencing functions and graphical display menus.

How do I set up and access voice mail?

Voicemail instructions can be found at https://it.tamu.edu/files/cio/Cisco%20Voicemail%20Instructions.pdf 

How do I forward my phone?

Call forwarding instructions can be found at https://it.tamu.edu/files/cio/Cisco%20Self-Care%20Web%20Portals.pdf 

Can I manage my phone through the web?

Yes. Cisco is the only phone system that can be managed remotely. Instructions are available online at https://it.tamu.edu/files/cio/Cisco%20Self-Care%20Web%20Portals.pdf.

With my new Cisco phone, can I place calls through my computer?

Yes, you can. You can use the Jabber Soft Phone App. Instructions are available at https://it.tamu.edu/files/cio/Jabber.pdf to add the Jabber client on your computer.

Will campus telephone numbers change?

No. Campus telephone numbers remain the same.

Will there be an added cost or change in cost for the new phones?

No. Technology Services will purchase the new phones. Phone service rates will not be impacted by this upgrade.

What if I do not need a phone?

If you currently have a phone on your desk a new one will be supplied at no cost. If you do not have an existing phone a new phone will not be provided.

Have the physical phones been fully vetted for accessibility?


Will my phone work during a power outage?

Your phone service will be interrupted during network outages (including data switch maintenance) and electrical power outages unless the building is supported by an emergency generator.

What happens to my phone if I need to reboot my computer?

Nothing. VoIP phone will remain in service while you reboot your computer.

Will plugging the computer into the phone cause my computer to be slower?

The phones provided during this upgrade project will not slow your computer or network access. If you currently have a computer plugged into a network outlet with an ethernet cord, the VoIP phone will be plugged into that outlet and the computer's network cable will be plugged into the phone. This connection will not slow down your computer.

What are E911 Location Notifications?

  • System that allows emergency call centers to know where you are calling from when you dial 911 in an emergency.
  • Your physical location is provided to Technology Services when your phone line is originally set up.
  • If you move to another physical location, you will need to report the location change.

How do you tell Technology Services when/if you move locations?

  • Send an email to tcom-request@tamu.edu with your phone number(s) and the information for your new physical location. (e.g., building number and room number)
  • Move requests require no fees, forms, or account numbers.

My question is not on this list - where do I go from here?

Contact Help Desk Central by phone at 979.845.8300 to talk with someone or email your question directly to tcom-request@tamu.edu.