Project Purpose

Migrate Texas A&M Health identities and services into the Texas A&M University Identity Management System. Texas A&M Health and Division of IT services will benefit from improved Identity Management Governance and will use a single credential, the TAMU NetID, instead of two separate credentials to access academic, research and health systems.

Goals (milestones)

  • Migrate from Dell One Identity Manager to TAMU's NetID framework.
  • Enable SSO-capable applications within Texas A&M Health to use NetID-based authentication.
  • Migrate HSCID onboarding (provisioning) processes to use NetID.
  • Migrate HSCID offboarding (deprovisioning) processes to use NetID.
  • Configure access requests using Active Directory (AD) group policies, management and memberships for NetID as well as migrated Texas A&M Health systems and applications.
  • Transition from Texas A&M Health's Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo) to TAMU's instance of Duo.
  • Migrate email-based credential apps to using NetID or AD-aware NetID apps.
  • Further develop AD and non-AD group management policies and tools.