This Control is intended to inform University computer users of the rules for authorized software on Texas A&M University information resources. Authorized software, also called licensed software, is any software acceptable for use within the University system. Software licensed for use at Texas A&M University has end-user license agreements which inform faculty, staff, and students of their responsibilities as end users regarding authorized use of the software. This procedure is intended to inform University computer users of the requirements for authorized software on Texas A&M University information resources. Non-compliance with copyright laws regarding software is subject to significant civil and criminal penalties imposed by federal and state laws. These penalties are applicable to the University and/or an individual. Violation of this Control is subject to University disciplinary action as well.


  • This Control applies to all University information resources.

  • The information resource owner, or designee, is responsible for ensuring risk mitigation measures described in this Control are implemented. The intended audience is users of University information resources.


  • 1

    All software installed on University-owned or operated computer systems used by faculty members, staff members, agents, or students in the conduct of University business must be appropriately licensed.

    • 1.1

      For software having a licensing agreement, persons installing or authorizing the installation of software should be familiar with the terms of the agreement. Where feasible, the licensing agreement should be maintained in the department that operates the system on which the software is installed or through a license management agreement with a third party.

    • 1.2

      In cases where this is not feasible, individuals or organizations should maintain sufficient documentation (e.g., End User License Agreements, purchase receipts) to validate that the software is appropriately licensed.

  • 2

    No software may be copied or installed by any faculty member, staff member, agent, or student unless the licensing agreement specifically grants such a procedure.

  • 3

    For instances in which the unit is the owner and/or custodian of the system hosting the software, the unit is responsible for monitoring user installation of software, and ensuring compliance with this Control.