Division of
Information Technology

"Keep Tradition Secure"
Internet Security Awareness Month Campaign


The 'Keep Tradition Secure' game theme displayed over a pictuer of A&M campus with a glitchy filter distorting the image repeatedly

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, the Texas A&M Division of IT created the “Keep Tradition Secure” website and game. The site and online game remain active, but from October 9-20, 2017, players received a coupon for their choice of sponsored, free items upon completion. They were also entered to win one of two Apple Watch grand prizes.

The campus community was invited to play the game and increase their awareness of cyber security and online safety. The game was promoted through emails, monitor cards that were placed in all open access computer labs, social media, posters and a promotional video.

In the game, players helped the hero known as “Good_Bull” track a hacker, “Bad_Bull,” across campus. Various questions about cyber security were presented and, when answered correctly, players were given a clue intentionally left by the hacker in the form of riddles regarding Texas A&M traditions.

During the contest period, there were two versions of the game. In the online version, players could participate from any location. The interactive, location-based version required players to use a mobile device with location services enabled. To successfully answer the tradition riddle and receive the next question, players of the interactive version had to trek to a specific landmark or site on campus.

The campaign was highly successful, with over 7,000 game completions during the contest period and email open rates between 35% and 45%.

Website / Game

The website and game were designed with a "glitchy" look to go along with the "hacker" theme. The site and game are available at keeptraditionsecure.tamu.edu. Prizes and award information have been removed from this version since the campaign concluded.

Multiple screens from gameplay displayed on a large desktop computer, a tablet and a smartphone.

Promotional Video

The Division of IT produced a video explaining the premise of the game and the various prizes. A link to the video was embedded in promotional emails, on Twitter and on Facebook.


Posters and monitor cards were placed next to computers in the computer labs across campus.

Framed poster of a mysterious hooded figure typing on a laptop with details about the game.
Two different designs advertising the game that sat next to computers.

Social Media

The campaign was featured heavily on the Division of IT's social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

black box with the words 'Secure Tradition. Stop Bad_Bull. Win free prizes!'
Girl in an A&M shirt smiling while holding a large cup of yogurt from Yogurtland
A male A&M student gives a 'Gig Em' while wearing an Apple watch
Female A&M student waving a 12th man towel


The Division of IT sent eight, targeted emails to the campus community.

Emails matching the visual glitchy feeling of the game displayed on a phone and in a desktop email client window.