The Texas A&M Division of Information Technology Print Center provides high-speed, high-volume print service to departments, faculty and staff of Texas A&M and the A&M System.

Getting Started

The Print Center is temporarily located at the TAES Annex Building, Room 200. Call 979.845.2234 or email productioncontrol@tamu.edu.

Help and Support

Please contact the print center for help and support at 979.845.2234. They are open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Texas A&M University System FY19 Rates displayed below.
View FY18 and FY19 TAMUS Auxiliary and Non-TAMUS Rates.

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/ Product/Service
Black & White Print-1 side Per 100 9.00 PRT 1-SIDE/100PG
Black & White Print-2 sides Per 100 15.00 PRT 2-SIDE/100PG
Black & White Special Form (Bond paper) 1-side Per 100 11.00 PRT1-SIDE BOND/100PG
Black & White Special Form (Bond paper) 2-sides Per 100 20.00 PRT2-SIDE BOND/100PG
Black & White User Form-1 side Per 100 6.50 PRT USRFORM1SIDE/100
Black & White User Form-2 sides Per 100 11.00 PRT USRFORM2SIDE/100
Black & White Label (8/sheet) Per 100 34.10 PRT LBL 8PG /100PG
Black & White Label (14/sheet) Per 100 34.10 PRT LBL 14PG/100PG
Black & White Label (33/sheet) Per 100 45.00 PRT LBL 33PG/100PG
Delivery in town, less than 2 boxes Trip 10.00 REGULAR DELIVERY
Special Delivery, more than 2 boxes, or out of town (UPS) Trip 25.00 SPECIAL DELIVERY

Additional Details

This service is available to departments, faculty and staff of Texas A&M University and the A&M System.


Contact Information:

8 a.m. - 5 p.m., M - F
TAES Annex Building, Room 200
3363 TAMU
Phone: 979.845.2234
Fax: 979.845.2074
Email: productioncontrol@tamu.edu

Service Details

Prints can be picked up at the Print Center during business hours. Contact Help Desk Central for after-hours pick-up.

Delivery service is available to deliver printed material to customers in town. Regular delivery is an in-town delivery of less than two boxes. Special delivery rates apply when there are more than two boxes or the delivery is out of town (UPS).


The Print Center has two Xerox Docuprint printers, which can print at 100 - 125 pages per minutes. The Xerox 770 is a high-quality color printer that can print up to 11” x 17”, punch holes, staple and fold. The Xerox DP 135 is a black–and–white printer.

Delivery service is available.