Texas A&M TTVN provides interactive two-way or multi-way video and audio communications. TTVN connects videoconference sites on campus and throughout Texas for meetings, classes and seminars. TTVN can also connect to other videoconference sites worldwide.

Texas A&M TTVN provides videoconference scheduling and facilitation services, videoconference user and technical support, multi-point videoconference bridging, ISDN/H.320 gateways, live and archive webcasting, and videoconference equipment repair.

Getting Started

To schedule a videoconference or webcast, see TTVN Reservations.

Go to the TTVN Schedule page to view the real-time status of all TTVN videoconferences and webcasts.

To view live webcasts, visit TTVN Live Webcasts.

Contact TTVN Video Scheduling at 979.862.2240 or ttvn-schedule@tamu.edu.


Texas A&M TTVN videoconference scheduling and facilitation services are provided at no cost to all campuses and agencies of the A&M System.