WebEx lets you have online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection - including mobile users. You will be connected via audio and can share content from your computer which lets you see the same things at the same time - like PowerPoint files, Word documents or even browse the web together. Within the meeting, you can "Pass the Ball" so any attendee can control the meeting and share.

You have two options for WebEx audio: use the microphone/speaker in your computer or the mobile app for your phone, tablet or Apple Watch. To view your computer's available speakers and microphones, follow the instructions in Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

Texas A&M University now uses Zoom for its videoconferencing platform. WebEx will be decommissioned for current users on August 31, 2019. Anyone already signed up for a WebEx account can continue using it until August 31, 2019. If you need to host a videoconference or online meeting, you may do so using Zoom.

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Help and Support

Review step-by-step directions on using WebEx for students or using WebEx for faculty and staff. For individual support, contact Help Desk Central. Call them at 979.845.8300, email helpdesk@tamu.edu or chat at hdc.tamu.edu.